Sunday, May 08, 2011

Why do I love KPOP?

Korean Pop Music ~ What's not to love? Right?
It's the best thing that has ever happened in my whole 19 years of existence.
Call me an addict, crazy, obsessed or whatever you want. I don't care!
I love KPOP so much that i cannot imagine living life without it.

I don't expect you to understand.
[Well, except for those who loves KPOP like i do. ^^]
But one thing's for sure - It changed me. It changed my life!
I know we all have different opinions about things
[I totally respect that]
and some people might disagree with me and say such comments like:

~Listening to Kpop music is just a waste of time.
Because people [non-Korean] can't even understand what the song is trying to say, so why bother?

Honestly I'm tired proving my point about this issue.
Language is not the problem. If you really want to understand the lyrics.
There is always GOOGLE.
Sometimes i can't help but ask myself:
"Why are some people being too narrow-minded about some matters
which are totally easy to understand? "
All it takes is just a little more effort by considering and looking deeper
to understand the real beauty/meaning of Korean Pop Music.

~About the idols being overrated.
That the fans only cares about their good looks but the idols themselves are really talentless.

Ugh! I couldn't disagree more.
Let us not be HATERS here people.
[H-aving A-nger T-owards E-veryone R-eaching S-uccess]
 The idols worked their asses off just to be how good/talented they are now.
Not only in singing and dancing but on other things as well.
Such as hosting, modelling, acting, DJ'ing, etc.

What do you call these then? LOOK AGAIN!

~Or that the whole fandom community almost worships KPOP to the point where
the fans copy their dance moves, how they dress or act and even learn the Korean language.

 Yes, we do that! But is that really a bad thing?
I don't think so. Doing those things only makes us a better person.

You may never understand but through KPOP:
  • I was able to experience having hundreds of butterflies circling inside my stomach.
  • I fell in-love not once, not twice but even more than any person could ever imagine.
  • I dance and i sing, I dream about the most wonderful things.
  • A simple aegyo makes me believe that i can do anything.
  • I learned great things and enjoyed loving it along the way.
  • It made me a better person and most especially..i made friends. Actually tons of friends, we are different people united as one through the love of KPOP.

"Music is a Universal Language."
It doesn't matter whatever language or country it came from.
If it gets your attention, you'll definitely try to listen to it more. And that's a fact!
So again, why do i love KPOP?
Honestly, i don't think such question should exist.
Because once you enter the KPOP world, there's definitely no turning back!
You'll love it no matter what reason there is.
You're crazy if you don't and i bet your life would suck without it! lols :P

~Oh, and i got HOOKED..BIG TIME! :DD


    ITS OUR LIFE :) <3

  2. I love KPOP too !!!
    Do you know the group MBLAQ?
    And Se7en?
    They are awesome and I love it!
    What is your favorite band?
    Sorry for mistakes if there are, I am French!

  3. Im totally agree with you, Im new in this stuff, but Im not only crazy about k-pop I love also K-dramas, I cant explain what I feel when Im listening those beautiful songs or watching a dorama, it´s simple MAGIC.....

  4. hi i just want to ask if i can use your this picture.. I want to used this for the tshirt that im doing.. thanks

  5. Nice argument, music is universal.
    Btw if anyone is interested I have created some videos to sing along with. It has an English translation below the main lyrics.