Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Authors Note: My only intention in creating this blog is to help stop/prevent the raging fan wars caused by lack of research which unfortunately led to misinformation. All contents are not biased and are purely my personal opinions unless otherwise stated.


First of all i would like to acknowledge Rated K and everyone behind the "Biyaheng Korea" episode for all the hard work and effort that they made throughout the airing of the said episode. I sincerely appreciate them for catering us, K-enthusiasts a taste of Korea and their amazing people. We all know that producing such work is no easy job. And i feel really bad for all the negative response coming from some viewers, especially from Kpop fans.

But i can't blame them because, i myself, is a big Kpop enthusiast. And i do agree that some of the said info's are not entirely true/correct. And this you may not understand but, to us Kpop fans those few words were somewhat offensive and disappointing.

Using such words as "papasikat na rin", "pinakasikat", "nalalagpasan", "nangangabuting mga grupo", "di na gaanong kaaktibo", "kahit sino ang tanungin namin dito" are the wrong choice of words. Saying those only triggered some fans from different fan base/clubs to go against each other and create fan wars. Which i know, is not a very mature response from a TRUE fan. But we all know that not everyone's opinion is the same and so, such immature acts are bound to happen.

Having said that, i hope that the people behind Rated K's Biyaheng Korea episode will realize what impact misinformation has done and it's consequences. I really do hope that you hear us out and explain your part/admit your errors so we can clear out the chaos once and for all.

And also let me apologize in behalf of all those people who was out of line that may have said rude and hurtful comments to Rated K, the staffs & everyone behind it, and of course, to Ms. Korina Sanchez. I'm truly sorry but please understand that they/we also got hurt in this situation. And that we would very much appreciate it if you would admit your wrongs and ask for apology.

Once again thank you Rated K for spreading the "Hallyu Wave" and we all hope that next time you'll research more and state your facts right. Please widen/enlarge the variety of Kpop groups/idols featured and give each group a fair air time. We would definitely like to hear/watch more from you. More power or as they say it in Korea, Hwaiting! :)


I feel sorry to everyone who got hurt/offended by the issue but, please stop fighting, bashing, ranting and going against each other. Let's not be narrow-minded. That will do us no good. Let's keep our cool people and show how mature we deal with this issue. Let us make our idols proud of us by sticking to them and not creating fan wars. It's not like the idols themselves hate each other, right? We should support all of them and stop proving/claiming who owns the top spot. Because we all know that in our hearts, whoever group it may be, that they will always & FOREVER be #1. Together let us keep spreading the Hallyu Wave ~ KPOP. ♥

SHAWOL Pearlescent Sky Blue Sea
S♥NE Pastel Rose Pink Sea
ELF Sapphire Blue Sea
V.I.P Yellow Sea
TRIPLE S Pearl Green Sea

 Whichever sea it may be...i'd LOVE to sail them all. ♥

Trish =^^=

Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Bang’s Daesung involved in Car Accident [MODIFIED]

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Big Bang's Daesung has been reported to be involved in a serious car accident, with the other party involved being pronounced dead at the scene. It was reported that at 1:40AM in Seoul, Big Bang's Daesung hit a motorcyclist in his Audi. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

Youngdong Police have announced that they are currently investigating the singer, as there are suspicions of Daesung being drunk at the time of the accident.

Source: SBS (Article already modified. See update below.)

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UPDATE 1: It's been revealed that Daesung was not under the influence of alcohol and is currently speaking to police about the accident. Reports have revealed that the man on the motorcycle was hit by a hit-and-run, not from Daesung himself. When a taxi driver stopped to assess the situation and help the motorcyclist, Daesung crashed into the taxi.

There are also conflicting reports that the taxi, once being hit by Daesung, crashed into the motorcyclist killing him. However, it is not clear whether or not this actually occurred and how serious the motorcyclists condition was after being hit by the original car.

Source: SBS

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UPDATE 2: Police have officially released a statement regarding the car accident. Seoul's Young Deung Po Police Station revealed, "Big Bang's Daesung crashed into a passed-out motorcyclist with his car on the morning of May 31st at Yanghwa Bridge. The motorcyclist was already passed out due to a previous accident when Daesung crashed into him."

Police also contradicted reports that the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. They confirmed that he was alive, saying, "The motorcyclist has been admitted to the hospital where his death has yet to be confirmed. We are investigating whether or not alcohol was involved."

Source: Star 1 + 2

(Translations from Koreaboo)

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UPDATE 3:Photos of Daesung's Audi A4 have been revealed through Korean press. The photos show his car's front badly damaged by the car crash. The photos also show a tow truck also picking up the car, it is evident from the photos that the crash was not simply a "tapping", but a serious collision.

YG has yet to make a statement on the accident and there has been no information as to how involved Daesung is in the accident. Currently, it is believed that he is being talked to by Seoul's Young Deung Po Police.

Police have also revealed that the motorcyclist is not dead and is currently in the hospital, but there has been no word on his condition.

cr: papu

~Let's all pray that everything will be okay for the boys especially Daesung.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


With only 5 days away from the official release of Girls’ Generation’s 1st Japanese album,
another teaser was released just moments ago which caused fans' to be all hyped up once again and for their anticipation to grow stronger.
Now everybody's itching for the official release of their very 1st Japanese album.
Don't forget to grab a copy and add it to your priceless soshi collection.
Let's us show our 9 wonderful girls our never ending love and support. ^^
Let's go Soshi, Let's go.!!~ ♥


After the release of  Replay's teaser last May 16th that completely shocked everyone.
It has been said that the full MV will be released on June 22nd.
But luckily, the date has been moved today May 27th.
And YES the crowd is going wild & crazy. (including me, of course)
From the song that made them famous from their debut,
and now entering the music scene of Japan also with their hit single Replay.
Also famous for the lyrics Noona neomu yeppo or Noona is so pretty.

The MV shows the boys' Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Taemin & Minho's
different styles on their ideal girl.
And SNSD's Yoona really did a wonderful job.
I can say that she really is the perfect girl for the music video.
She looked very beautiful in all 5 different styles.
Add to that the 5 shining boys who showed their more matured side.

I'm all hands down, 2 thumbs up & totally in-love with this MV. ♥
This song will surely top charts once again.
Let's show our 5 shining boys our love and support,
especially now on their way to success in Japan.

What do you think SHAWOLS?
and also S♥NES?
As for me..this song/MV makes me:
*drool-scream-faint-blush-smash my keyboard-spazz-fall in-love-die*
lols :P 

Monday, May 23, 2011


  After the revelation of SNSD's 1st Japanese album photos,
I couldn't help but fall in-love more with these 9 beautiful Goddesses.

Here are some artworks i made:
Feel free to use them but don't forget to give me credits, arasso?
Enjoy! ^^

♥ To the 9 wonderful girls i love the most ♥

~I so love the slogans/quotes from our girls.
Soshi bond FOREVER!

Let's keep showing our love and support to them.
"If you're still SNSD in the next lifetime..I'll still be a SONE."

Friday, May 20, 2011


Last May 16th, So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) announced about their 1st Japanese album - "Girls' Generation" to be released on June 1st. Of course that would be a very long wait for their fans. So, SMEnt decided to shake things up a bit and announced (earlier today) yesterday that a special teaser for their album would be released on SMEnt's Official Youtube Channel at 12:00am KST/JST on the 21st of May. Fans around the world got pumped up and even more excited for the sudden surprise which caused SNSD to be a trending topic worldwide.

Limited Edition Special Box
- Special Mini Bag & Deluxe First Press Limited Edition Photobook
- Deluxe First Press Limited Edition Poster
3. you-aholic
4. Run Devil Run
...6. Beautiful Stranger
7. I'm In Love With The HERO
8. Let It Rain
9. Gee
11. HOOT
DVD includes:
- MR. TAXI (Original & Dance ver.)
- GENIE (JPN Original ver.)
- Gee (JPN Original ver.)

Three types will also be released: Deluxe First Press Limited Edition, Limited Edition and Regular Edition.
Check out some of their official album photos and witness how our 9 girls turned into 9 Goddesses.

Let's support our girls once again.
Today, Tomorrow & even 10-50 more years down the road,
it'll always be SO NYEO SHI DAE.
♥ ^^ ♥

Thursday, May 19, 2011


As FNC Music promised, the teaser for FTIsland's 3rd mini-album "Return" with the single Hello Hello has been released to the public just a couple of minutes ago. And as expected the teaser really did it's job on teasing the Primadonnas all around the world for their much awaited comeback. Just less than an hour after it's release and the video teaser already received almost a thousand likes on youtube. With lots of positive responses flooding from their fans.

 Mini Album Release: 24 May 2011

Album Tracklist:
2. OH
4. 고백합니다
5. 널갖겠다

Here are some screen caps from the video teaser:
 Credits:『FTIsland Primadonna五寶的女主角』

Now if you liked what you just saw, let's all patiently wait and support our boys for their full release and comeback on May 24th. Who's excited? I know I AM.! ^^